Xlerator Hand Dryer

For more than five decades, Excel Dryer has manufactured the finest American-made hand dryers in the industry. Excel dryer was the first manufacturer to offer a high performance and high efficiency hand dryer: "The Xlerator". Since the release of the Xlerator it has been by far the most popular, most effective and most reliable hand dryer available. Not only does the Xlerator exceed hand drying expectations, it is also the only dryer available with many different finishes or custom color and cover options. There is no limit to the custom covers that YOU can create, all we need is a high resolution image of your design and we’ll imprint it on your new Xlerator! But wait, there’s more! The Xlerator will save you around 95% of your paper towel costs! With all of the cover options, accessory options and cost savings the Xlerator is a no brainer to retrofit into your facility or to plan into your new construction project.

  • Tried and true.
  • 15 Seconds to dry hands.
  • 95% cost savings over paper towel.
  • Multi voltage options.
  • Adjustable sound levels.
  • Custom colors and covers available.