Verdant Thermostats

Verdant Energy Management Thermostats for hotels significantly reduce guest room heating and air-conditioning costs without ever compromising guest comfort. Verdant EMS was designed with an understanding that an energy management system for hotels cannot affect guest comfort while saving energy. To that end, our patented features such as “Night Occupancy” detection and “Dynamic Intelligent Recovery” ensure guest comfort while at the same time maximizing energy savings. We believe that substantial energy savings that our system delivers coupled with impeccable guest experience delivers the ultimate value for any hotel owner.

Verdant EMS can be found in over 1,000 hotels across North America and is approved by the world’s largest hotel chains including Hilton, Marriott, IHG and many more. On average, hotels equipped with Verdant EMS experience a 40% reduction in their guestroom heating and A/C runtimes, resulting in 15% to 20% decrease in their electric bills.


  1. Best in guest comfort while saving the most money for the owner.
  2. Least expensive upfront cost (ROI=1 year, $260 per year per room savings).
  3. Easiest to install.

Key Energy Management Features:

  1. Temperature setback: Automatically adjusts the temperature when the room is unoccupied.
  2. Temperature Recovery: Calculates the setback temperature so that the desired temperature can be restored within a specified time.
  3. Setback Optimization: Continuously monitors temperature recovery rate in the room and adjusts setback temperature to maximize energy savings.
  4. Setback Limits: Allow maximum and minimum room temperature to be set when room is unoccupied.
  5. Set point limits: Prevent guests from setting room temperature to extreme, energy-wasting levels.

Other Key Features:

  1. Motion and thermal Occupancy sensors: No need for door sensors.
  2. Patented "Night" Occupancy: Thermal sensor can detect the guests in the room and will not shut off the unit.
  3. Built in wireless network: Does not use your hotel's wifi.
  4. Greatly reduces the runtime of your PTAC units.

Remote Management Features:

  1. Intuitive Interface: Control room setting remotely.
  2. Energy Reports: Monitor energy use and can even evaluate the performance of energy saving features.
  3. Built-in Diagnostic Tools: Automatically sends emails to the appropriate hotel staff of PTAC failures (know when a PTAC is not working before the guest reports it).
  4. Room Status: Displays operation, occupancy, and energy efficiency status of each room.
  5. Room Detail: Displays temperature and occupancy changes in a room.
  6. User Management: Allows configuration of custom access permissions and alert notifications settings for different users.

No switching from heat to cool, the thermostat knows what to do based on what temperature you call for.