PTAC Accessories

Essential Accessories

PTAC’s require a set of essential accessories for proper operation. Once you have selected your type of unit, (resistance heat or heat pump), brand, and the size of unit needed, next you’ll need to consider the following:

Wall Sleeve / Case

For new properties, be sure to get a matching wall case with your PTAC. For replacements, standard wall sleeves fit in the standard 42 in × 16 in sleeve dimensions.

Heavy Gauge Steel Wall Case
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel, with insulation.
  • 42 in (A) × 13 3/4 in (B) × 16 in (C).
  • Also available in 16 in, 24 in, 28 in and 31 in depths.
Wall Opening Dimensions
  • Add 1/4 in to A and C dimensions for all cutout size.
  • 16 1/4 in min (height) × 42 1/4 in min (width).
Fiberglass Wall Case
  • Molded SMC fiberglass-reinforced polyester compound.
  • 42 1/8 in (A) × 13 7/8 in (B) × 16 1/4 in (C).
Wall Opening Dimensions
  • Add 1/4 in to A and C dimensions for all cutout size.
  • 16 1/2 in min (height) × 42 3/8 in min (width).
Exterior Grille

We offer three styles of exterior grills to fit your building facade. The exterior air flow requirements have changed over the years. If reusing an existing grill, make sure that the airflow pattern is compatible with the new chassis. This may include removing existing air deflectors off the grill and installing the RAK40 air deflectors on the chassis.


Architectural Grille-Aluminum


Color Molded Grilles-Color options below

Beige | Maple | Dark Brown

Power Connections

Power connection kits are required on all PTAC’s. The correct kit for the installation is determined by the voltage and amperage of the electrical circuit and the means of connecting the unit to the building wiring. Depending on the brand, the PTAC’s power cord will come either factory installed, or as a cord kit for added flexibility.

230/208-Volt Units

These units may be plugged into a receptacle using a line power cord kit or hard-wired. If the unit is to be permanently connected, a permanent connection kit would be used. Some installations utilize sub-bases for support of the unit and to hide the electrical connection.

Power Cord Kits

(15 Amp)



(20 Amp)



(30 Amp)



Direct Connect Kits (Hard-wired)

To be used with a sub-base or connection to building wiring. Direct Connect Kits include a power cord.


230/208-volt sub-bases include the appropriate short power cord to connect to the receptacle inside the sub-base. A junction box kit is required to complete the direct connect installation.

265-Volt Units

265-volt cord set units must be installed in compliance with National Electrical Code®.


Vertical PTAC Accessories

Wall Plenum
  • Wall plenum for installation in walls less than 6", 8”, 12”, and 15” thick
  • Wall plenum 19-3/4" x 32"
  • Wall cutout dimensions 20" x 32-1/4"
  • Warm gray-beige color
Aluminum Outdoor Grille
  • Extruded aluminum outdoor grille for installation on RAVWP series wall plenums
  • Grille is 19-3/4" x 32" x 1-1/4"
  • Mill finish
Access Panel With Return Air Grille
  • Access panel with return air grille for installation in closet wall
  • Allows access/removal of Vertical Zoneline for cleaning or service
  • Outside dimensions 30" x 50"
  • Wall cutout dimensions 28" x 48"
  • Accepts 20" x 20" x 1" field-supplied filter
  • Warm gray-beige color
Return Air Grille
  • Return air grille for installation in closet wall
  • Exterior dimensions 22-1/2" x 22-1/2"
  • Wall cutout dimension 20-3/8" x 20-3/8"
  • Accepts 20" x 20" x 1" field-supplied filter
  • Warm gray-beige color

Wall Plenum



Return Air Grille

Other Accessories

Ducted Applications

Some PTAC’s can be used to heat or cool more than one room. A special adapter mounts on the wall case and a transition piece directs the air from the unit into added ductwork which distributes the air to the main room and the attached room.